Network Wiring

Network Wiring

Launch Broadband is installed by efficient experts to make the process seamless and quick for you. Whether we’re installing personal internet in your home or apartment or installing it for multiple units in a residential or commercial building, we will get the job done to your satisfaction. Our technology is unparalleled in its success and proven to be the fastest internet connection around, so you don’t have to worry.


Gigabit network design and installation

Fiber-optic network installation, splicing, and testing

Cat6, Cat5e, and RG6 installation

Reliable managed networks

Secure Networks for residential and businesses


We also offer:

  • Private networks
  • Backup services
  • Detailed reporting
  • Security for software
  • Technology-aligned business tools



It’s simple. We design fiber optic networks for apartment complex owners, managers, and tenants. Installing high-speed gigabit networks, we ensure that everyone benefits from our reliable and superior broadband service.


Our services don’t stop there–we like to view ourselves as experts in the field, tailoring our products and services to our customers’ needs. We have a vast level of mastery for commercial projects, working alongside contractors to install low-voltage wiring for new and existing commercial companies and projects.


We are on hand to support your next project, whatever that may be. If you feel as if you could use a little bit of extra support and advice, then simply reach out to us for more information.

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