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Maximize Your Property's Connectivity and Revenue.

Turn your apartment complex’s network plan into a profit with Launch Broadband’s bulk MDU internet.

Say goodbye to connectivity headaches and hello to increased revenue and property value — all while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with our commitment to integrity, quality, and reliability.

We’ll bring the network. You’ll get the revenue. Launch Broadband’s bulk Wi-Fi for apartments elevates value for tenants and profits for property owners.

Boost Your Income with Bulk MDU Internet.

You can effortlessly generate significant revenue with the help of our Wi-Fi solutions for apartments. Enjoy major savings with our bulk internet pricing so you can easily earn additional property revenue. It’s a win-win for you and your tenants.

High-Speed, 10Gbps Internet.

Internet is the most important amenity at your property. Fast and reliable Wi-Fi solutions for apartments are non-negotiable for today’s renters. Exceed their expectations with our 10Gbps broadband — one of the fastest internet speeds out there. By providing seamless connectivity, you’ll not only keep your tenants happy but enhance the overall value of your property. Stand out in the market with high-speed, future-proof Wi-Fi for apartments.

Stress-Free Installation & Management.

No more hectic tenant transitions. Our hassle-free installation process and remote account management make pre-loaded properties ready to go. No need to schedule appointments with technicians: Accounts are activated and deactivated remotely, allowing you to focus on running your property smoothly.

Network Installed at “No Cost” to Ownership.

Get the most of your investment with no-cost installation and complimentary high-speed internet for management operations. Plus, you can equip your team with access control for designated areas, and even UniFi security cameras, video storage, and more.

Apartment-Wide Coverage.

With Wi-Fi coverage in all common areas, you can make your property the place to be for the modern renter. Pools, laundry rooms, clubhouses — you name it. We’ll make sure it’s connected.

Specialists in MDU Internet.

Making apartment owners more money and less stress is what we do at Launch Broadband. As specialists in Wi-Fi for apartments, you can get the support and resources you need to ensure your property is ready for whatever the future holds.

Get 10Gbps Wi-Fi +
HD TV for Your Tenants.

Take care of TV and Wi-Fi for your apartment complex, all in one place. Your tenants can work, play, stream, and relax with no worries — and you can earn extra without the effort.

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